A flat nose is a common facial feature that can be found in many people from all walks of life. In the entertainment world, there are many celebrities who have embraced their flat noses and made them iconic. From Hollywood stars to musicians, these celebrities have embraced their facial features and used them as an integral part of their brands. Let’s take a look at some famous flat-nose celebs who have made their mark on the entertainment industry.

Having a flat nose is actually a common thing among Vietnamese people due to their genetic features. This is not only for women but also for men as well. It can badly affect the facial appearance, making it look asymmetrical. Many patients with Down syndrome can relate to this, with having a flat nose as one of their condition’s telltale signs.

A flat nose is a way to address a nose with low projection, large tips and nostrils, and wide curves. There are many different types of fat noses, depending on their flaws.



Flat nose without a dorsum: The dorsum projection of the nose is low, making the direct or side view of the nose show no sign of protrusion.

Fat nose with wide alar base: The dorsum projection of the nose is low, and the alar base is wide. This makes the nose look open and thick from below with 2 round nostrils.

Flat and snub nose: The dorsum projection of the nose is low, similar to the nose tip. The nostrils are exposed when viewing directly. The nose tip can be seen to be going up from the side.

Why is having a flat nose ugly?

Is having a flat nose ugly? The answer depends on your ethnicity, preference, and perception. A lot of traditional Asian women do not mind having flat noses. However, if your ideals include western celebrities with straight Roman noses, then you may consider your pert nose as a flaw. A flat nose is not only a bad nose contour but also can affect one person’s fortune. Moreover, the flat nose tends to be pulled following the wrinkles at the mouth corners when smiling or talking, making the cheek look higher.

flat nose womanThere are also hundreds of other problems of having a flat nose like:

  • The nose makes you look unattractive in every picture.
  • The flat nose makes your direct or side view to be bad.
  • Wearing glasses with a flat nose is difficult as the glasses tend to fall down.

How does a flat nose got portrayed in physiognomy?

What does physiognomy have to say about this? Our ancestors believe that a flat nose is a bad sign of your fortune. The owner of the nose is hot-tempered and easy to be tricked. Their mind is always anxious and nervous.

A man with a flat nose

A man with a flat nose usually has trouble with money and business. According to physiognomy, they will not run into luck when trying to open their own business and will hardly get any promotion. Their love path will also be very bumpy as they tend to get cheated on.

A woman with a flat nose

A woman with a flat nose is not only a bad sign for their look but also for their luck as well. Their lives tend to run into multiple financial troubles as they trust people too easily. A flat nose is also considered to be bad for their husbands as well. It may not cost him his life, but it will affect his fortune and financial status.

Note: This information is based entirely on physiognomy. Readers should only take this as advice.

Should you change your flat nose contour?

Many people wonder if changing the flat nose contour into something better can actually change their fate, as there is no scientific evidence. However, you might want to have a beautiful and more symmetrical nose shape for your appearance to boost your own confidence in life.

Confidence is the key to success. It is the way for you to impress your partner. You can confidently do many things you have never done before. Therefore, a change of nose shape can also be considered a change of fate.


Celebrity A-listers with Flat Noses

No matter your background or walk of life, a flat nose is an all-too-common feature that many individuals share. Fortunately for us, there are several famous celebrities who have chosen to flaunt their features rather than hide them away! In the entertainment business, stars like actors and singers alike have made it part of their signature style while building up strong brands with recognizable faces. So without further ado – let’s take a gander at some incredible celebs whose iconic looks include flat noses!

Emma Stone

flat nose emma stoneThe Academy Award-winning actress Emma Stone has become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood thanks to her award-winning performances in films like La La Land, Easy A, and The Favourite. Despite her popularity, Stone is well known for her signature flat nose, which she embraces proudly. In fact, when asked about it in an interview with Allure Magazine, she stated, “It’s something I embrace rather than try to hide… I think everyone should just embrace what makes them unique”.

Kanye West

One of the most influential figures in hip-hop and pop culture today is Kanye West. Thanks to his larger-than-life persona, he has become an icon in music, fashion, and beyond. He is also well known for his signature facial feature—a flat nose—which he frequently shows off in photo shoots and music videos alike. In fact, many fans consider it part of his trademark appearance, which has helped him stand out from other celebrities over the years.

Lady Gaga

Pop star Lady Gaga has been one of the biggest names in music since she debuted with her first single, “Just Dance,” in 2008. She has continually pushed boundaries throughout her career with her daring fashion choices and boundary-pushing music videos. Her distinctive looks have been an important part of her brand—including her flat nose, which she has embraced through makeup tutorials and photo shoots alike. She even commented on it during an interview with Vogue, saying, “I love my little flat nose; it’s me!”

Natalie Portman

Oscar-winning actor Natalie Portman has been a Hollywood mainstay since her breakout performance in “Leon: The Professional” in 1994. She describes her nose as “big” and has said that she was teased about it growing up. Despite this, she owns it, rocking her signature pixie cut and often opting for red-carpet looks that highlight her facial features.

flat nose natalie portmanPortman recently talked to Glamour magazine about why having confidence in yourself is so important, saying, “When I see young girls who are insecure or comparing themselves to impossible standards that don’t exist, I try to remember when I was in middle school and high school—and all the crap I gave myself for how my body looked.”

She also noted that she loves taking on roles where she gets to play characters who flaunt their flaws with confidence.

Kendall Jenner

Another celebrity who proudly wears her flat nose is model Kendall Jenner. On an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians back in 2012, Jenner said she had considered getting a nose job but decided against it after talking with her older sister Khloe Kardashian. Jenner also spoke candidly about being insecure about her nose while growing up but trying not to let it hold her back from pursuing modeling when she got older. “I used to be so scared of even just getting my photo taken,” she told US Weekly in 2014 before adding, “But now I’m finding what works for me.” Since then, Jenner has become one of the most successful models on the planet and often rocks bold makeup looks that draw attention to her nose—not away from it!


Melissa McCarthy

flat nose stella mccarthyMelissa McCarthy is an American comedian, actress, and producer well-known for her roles in fan-favorite films such as Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy, and Life of the Party. Despite having a career that has spanned decades in Hollywood and winning numerous awards for her excellent performances, she is also well known for her distinct facial features, particularly her flat nose. In an interview with LA Times in 2014, she said, “My nose is definitely my signature look, and I’m totally fine with it… People keep asking me if I’m going to change it. But why would I? It’s perfect for me!”

A flat nose can be seen as a distinctive feature or simply as part of someone’s natural beauty—and these famous celebs have certainly done their part to make sure that people know there is no shame or embarrassment associated with it! They have each embraced this unique facial feature through their professional images and everyday lives, proving that you don’t need to change yourself just to fit into society’s standards of beauty—you can simply be you!






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