A charity to pay for your health’s financial responsibilities may sound too good to be true. But, the cost of paying for surgery or continuous treatment can be tremendous for families with a Down syndrome member. There are many requirements that a down syndrome association may ask, so it may be best to ask your local doctor for consultation. Check-ups monitored by a GP are listed in a person’s medical history for future references. Notably, families with members that have down syndrome may need the records for therapy. However, there are times when a patient may need additional support for networks. Down syndrome organizations aim to provide help with research, healthcare and awareness, education, and employment. 


How Do Down Syndrome Organizations Help Families And People With TS21?

What are the benefits of getting support from a down syndrome organization? People with trisomy 21 (TS21) or down syndrome need extra health care in medical, dental, emotional, psychological, and social support. As of today, there are still no leading treatments for these unique individuals. However, there are continued programs, resource building, and org growth to enhance the lives of down syndrome individuals. Moreover, awareness in the Down syndrome community, particularly for countries with less access to medical and dental care, can educate millions of families globally. Research and support can improve understanding healthcare needs, comorbidities, and possible treatment in preventing and curing down syndrome in the future.  


Down Syndrome Organizations In The US (As Of 2020)

The United States has various down syndrome organizations that aim to help millions of families and down syndrome people. There are multiple communities of individuals living with Down Syndrome today. According to statistics, a life expectancy of a human living with down syndrome is 60 years. Around the world, an association for humans’ rights with various mental health and cognitive disabilities can encourage meaningful pathways for their future. Furthermore, an association for disabilities is usually non – profit (501(c)(3), which helps not just their members but also the association. 


Global Down Syndrome Foundation

According to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, the organization’s mission is to focus on medical and clinical research to discover the causes of triple chromosome 21. The development of a therapeutic approach for down syndrome is very crucial, particularly an association such as GDS can pave the way for further discoveries in this area. 


National Down Syndrome Congress

The purpose of the National Down Syndrome Congress is to promote advocacy, public awareness, and information of people living with Down Syndrome. Most activities of this association educate anyone that seeks to learn Down Syndrome from prenatal diagnosis through adulthood. 


National Down Syndrome Society

Down Syndrome Organizations

NDSS or National Down Syndrome Society, focuses on providing education and employment for down syndrome individuals with limited access to a network. Thus, there will be less discrimination, more inclusion, and better representation for individuals with Down Syndrome. 


Down Syndrome Affiliates In Action 

The organization Down Syndrome Affiliates In Action (DSA) are made of local Down Syndrome organizations that aim to make ongoing training and activities for educating leaders. Furthermore, an association like DSA focuses on Down Syndrome advocacy and awareness through networking. These can range from doctors, teachers, blue-collared professionals, and more. 

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